3 Common Mistakes of Child Custody Cases

Not every marriage ends up well. Some marriages break up in the course of time. In such situation, if they are childless then the divorce is mutual. If they are having a kid they can go for a mutual parenting plan, which means to bring up the children together on a mutual agreement. If they are not agreeable on any of the terms and conditions with each other than they have to opt for the custody of the child or children.

The first and foremost step is to make an appeal to the Court of law. This puts the Court to decide which of the parent would take the responsibility of the child. Taking such a decision is quite difficult. Here in the court each of the parents will put on allegations on each other about how the other person is unfit to keep the father. The judge will also have to take into account the evidence. It is unfortunate that in this process the parents sometimes end up committing mistakes. Some of the common mistakes we have enumerated.

Getting Arrested

A litigant can show that the opposite is not a fit parent for the child if he or she has got arrested when the case is still pending. Even if the person is not charged or convicted, it gives the other parent ample reasons to showcase it in front of the court against the parent. This ensures the judge has a negative opinion about the parent and the custody is denied to him/her.

Disobey Temporary Custody Orders

Often the court issues a temporary custody of the child while the trial is still on. Such orders also govern the timeshare each of the parents can have. What can turn the case in a negative way is that if the parent is disobeying and disregarding the orders. This includes moving out without the permission of the Court or him/her failing to return the child on a specific time of a day, etc.

Refusing Co-Parenting or Communicating

Another big mistake is refusing to co-parent with the other one parent. If one of the parents do not agree on the joint custody then the judge will look for a parent who has sole decision making quality. If a case like one of the parents refusing the co-parenting option of the court appears then it is more likely that the parent will be deemed to be the problem parent and the custody would be given to the other parent.

So, to get the child custody the parent should be cooperative and reasonable. He or she should be open to communicating with the other parent when the matter of the child is concerned.

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