5 Signs You Have a Strong Car Accident Claim

Car accidents can happen at any time, with few warning signs beforehand. However, suppose you're in an accident and feel it was not your fault, you may want to pursue a legal claim. The first thing you should do is consult your state's laws on car accident claims. You may have a strong claim if you've done that and are deemed not at fault by law. Here are some signs that might indicate you have a strong case for a car accident claim.

  1. The Other Driver Did Not Stop and Offer Any Explanation

According to, it is against the law in nearly every state to leave the scene of an accident without offering any explanation. If the other driver didn't stop or left the scene when you asked them to provide their information or refused to share it with you, it's possible that they were distracted while driving, or they may have been driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol. All these factors will come into play if you're considering filing a claim for damages against another driver.

  1. You Called the Police Immediately After the Accident

If you called the police immediately after an accident, this strengthens your case for damages. The police department may be able to provide you with a record of the accident's severity, which will be helpful when determining what you can claim. The police may also be able to provide witnesses who saw what happened and statements from the drivers involved.

  1. You Needed Medical Treatment or Sustained Ongoing Disabilities and Injuries

Doctors are trained to look for warning signs of long-term injuries in those who come in after a collision, but if they didn't see any, it doesn't mean you don't have a case. If you sustained a disability or injury that has not only caused you pain and suffering but also impacted your life, it might be easier to prove that the accident was a cause. It is also important to remember that these injuries might not have been detected immediately after the accident.

  1. The Accident Occurred Due to Negligence of the Other Party

It's possible that the accident you were involved in resulted from another driver's negligence. Even if you feel that it wasn't your fault, it's possible that the other party had been driving or was wearing their seat belt incorrectly or failed to see you. The police can access the scene and know who was at fault immediately after the accident.

  1. You Documented the Accident Scene as Evidence

If you were in an accident and it is possible that you missed a critical injury or witnessed an egregious accident, you might want to document the site or note what was going on at the scene. If this happens, it will be helpful when gathering statements from other witnesses or presenting your case in court. You might have witnesses who saw what happened and will be able to support your claim.

Managing a personal injury claim is complicated and involves many steps. You need to understand what is at risk, the process you can use to make your case, and how you will be able to repay any damages that are awarded. Remember that if you have been injured in an accident caused by the negligence of a driver or party involved, you may be entitled to compensation no matter what.

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