Bail bond for drug offenses – Essential questions to ask

The idea of a crimeless world is a Utopian concept! It's good to retain a realistic world view and know that multiple crimes and injustice will happen. To set things correct, we have a legal system in place that doles out law and order. Almost everyone is aware of drug offense and crimes today. From the youth to adults, the criminal age spectrum for drug abuse and offense is vast. There are times when an innocent person can get accused of a drug offense, just because he/she was present in the crime scene. It is essential to free this person from jail and prove innocent. For that, you need to say yes to a bail bond company for bail.

The contexts that determine a drug offense is very slim! Hence, before you opt-in for a bail bond agency, it is essential that you address a few critical questions.

  1. What is a drug offense or crime?

Drug crime or offense is a situation where a person is found to possess intoxicated/prohibited substances. The following facts point towards drug offenses.

  • If a person possesses drugs illegally
  • When a person has a particular medicine without any authentic prescription
  • When a person illegally possesses the prescription medicines

The substances that get counted as drugs include heroin, LSD, marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamine.

  1. What are the repercussions of getting arrested for a drug offense?

Once a defendant is guilty of a drug offense, he/she needs to be there at the police station. The police will question about the crime, get the required fingerprints, take photographs, and record every important detail. Here you have a chance to pay a bail amount and get free from jail. However, if your drug offense is severe, the bail amount might increase.

If you can't afford that you have to stay in jail, else, there's always the option of joining hands with a bail bonds company that provides bail for drug offenses. To know more, you can check out Castle Bail Bonds Columbus Ohio.

  1. What is the bail amount for a drug offense?

The bail amount for a drug offense varies because of multiple factors. One of the essential elements includes felony possession and misdemeanor. The amount is calculated based on your drug intake and also your intention to sell the drug. Furthermore, the misdemeanor charges qualify for a petty bail amount. On the other hand, the felony drug charges will be more. Also, defendants of a felony drug offense might have to be at the jail before their bail gets sanctioned.

  1. What should the defendant do if he can’t afford the bail?

The defendant has to pay money to book a lawyer to fight his/her case. If they don't have the necessary amount to pay the entire bail amount, opting in for a drug offense bail bond is the best solution. They have to pay 10% of the bail amount. They need to make court appearances as dictated by the court, and else they need to pay the penalty.

These are some of the essential questions that you need to ask before you opt-in for a drug offense bail bond from a bail bond agency.

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