How Can A Bail Bondsman Help Your Legal Case?

When you have been arrested, you will first be processed and then sent to a local jail for holding. If a judge has granted you bail, you don’t need to sit behind bars while you wait for your trial. You have the option to put up funds or collateral in order to secure your release. But is this a financially sound investment? When you or a loved one has been arrested, you might not know what choices are best for your case. You need the help of professionals to navigate the local legal system and secure your freedom. A bail bondsman is one such service that you can utilize following an arrest.

What Are My Options For Bail Bonds?

Depending on what state you reside in, you might have several options for posting bail. In states like Connecticut, individuals have the option to post their own bail using a 10% cash payment if their total bail amount is below $20,000. This sounds like a good deal for a lot of people, but in fact those same bailbonds could be as low as 3% with the help of a state bonds agent. When you choose a bail bondsman, you may be given additional payment options that you qualify for, such as financing and collateral backed bonds. Not to mention, bail bondsmen are a great resource for any case, The right provider will be able to recommend a local attorney for your case and provide you with additional financial, legal, or even recovery resources.

Bonds Agent Vs Self Bail

Is posting your own bail where available a good option? In some cases, yes, this may be the more financially responsible option. However, there is a lot to consider when you choose to post your own bail, or the bail of a loved one. Bail bonds providers do a lot more than write insurance bonds. A bail agent is responsible for financially backing you, so they take precautions to ensure that they’ll get their money back after your case. That means these providers know how to deal with their clients and local law enforcement agents. Many are licensed bounty hunters as well. All of these precautions go towards making sure that their clients appear in court on the appointed day. Not to mention, these agents are protected by the law to use force and to enter without permission when it comes to getting their charges to court. They can even make an arrest anywhere and anytime if there is a warrant for the individual. Just because an individual or their loved one chooses to post their own bail does not mean that they are granted these same rights and protections, even though they have the same responsibility that a bondsman would have.

If you aren’t willing or able to take on that responsibility (and the responsibility of posting the FULL bail amount if the individual on bail does not meet their court date), you are much better off consulting with a bonds service.

Those who have been arrested have a lot on their minds, the foremost of which is often getting released from jail and back to their daily lives. Bonding agents can make that happen with affordable solutions for posting bail. Take the money you didn’t spend on excessive bail amounts and put it towards the right attorney to represent your case. Your bondsman may even have a great recommendation for you if you aren’t sure who to seek legal counsel through. Regardless of your crime or situation, if you have been granted bail, a bondsman will help connect you with a variety of resources that could end up making your return to a normal life easier and faster.

When To Seek An Attorney

In most cases, you will want to consult with an attorney as soon as possible after an arrest. Using the services of a bail bonds company is the best way to get out of jail in order to seek additional legal help for your case, or just to maintain your job and life while awaiting your trial. Being behind bars is stressful and it can distract you from building your case. Without the help of both a bondsman and a qualified attorney, some individuals may not be able to give their case its best chance and may not have a satisfactory day in court. If you feel that you are financially unable to withstand the posting of bail, consult with a bondsman in your state today to learn more about the ways in which they may be able to help you get out of jail.

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