Top Rated Workers Compensation Attorney in Los Angeles Is Discussing a 2.3-Million-Dollar Settlement

A top rated Los Angeles workers' compensation attorney in los angeles ca is discussing a monetary settlement for the incredible amount of 2.3 million dollars. The attorney, a member of C&B Law Group's team, took on the case of Bob Smith after he was paralyzed due to a workplace accident and was unable to receive adequate compensation to treat his injuries.  However, everything changed when he decided to work with C&B Law Group.

Smith recalls working on the job site in Los Angeles, "It was a normal day; everything was going well. When they asked to lift me up on the forklift to throw the trash over into the large bin, they said it should be easy. Next thing you know, I lost my footing and ended up falling 12 feet right on my back and blacking out”. His co-workers rushed him to the hospital, where he spent the subsequent days recovering.

After arriving at the hospital, his condition became critical. They had to replace two discs in his spine surgically, but it wasn't enough to mitigate the damage from the fall. "After a few days, the doctor gave me the bad news," he said, "he told me I was paralyzed from the waist down and would never be able to walk again.”

Having learned of his diagnosis, Smith knew he would need money to pay for his medical bills and sustain himself while he regained control of his life. With that, he applied for workers' compensation benefits.

Smith duly notified his employer about the injury and filled out all necessary paperwork. Days later, he received a call from his employer's insurance company and to his surprise, they offered him a much smaller settlement than he expected, so he decided to hire a lawyer.

The attorney neglected Mr. Smith’s case and the results were not what Smith expected. "I had that lawyer for a long time, but he never accomplished anything, my case was going nowhere, so I needed someone more effective," he said.

Smith fired his first attorney and contacted C&B Law Group to handle his situation. Michael Chakrian, a top-rated workers' compensation attorney from the firm, took over his case.

Chakrian, who has dealt with hundreds of similar cases, described the situation as extremely unfair. "When Bob came to us, he told us that the insurance company had offered him very little compensation. Given the injuries he suffered, that was extremely unfair and unacceptable. We could not tolerate him being taken advantage of, so we went to work", he said.

The insurance company was a significant hindrance. However, thanks to his experience and knowledge of the law, Chakrian knew precisely what he had to do to get them to give in to his client's demands.

After several months of intense negotiations, C&B Law Group's attorney accomplished his goal and closed a deal with the insurance company, whereby his client will receive a settlement of roughly 2.3 million dollars.

"It wasn't easy, but through a lot of effort, we were able to get the insurance company to agree to a $2.3 million settlement," said Chakrian shortly after the negotiations. "We also secured Bob's permanent home health care so he would have nothing to worry about," he added.

After hearing the news, Smith said that he had "made the right choice" by working with C&B Law Group and that these attorneys "saved his life.”

C&B Law Group is a law firm that specializes in personal injury, employment law, and workers' compensation claims. Their attorneys have handled many cases similar to Bob's and have recovered over $7 million in the last year alone. Many of their clients claim that they are one of the " top-rated law firms in California.”

Furthermore, this law firm has a clear philosophy: "no fees unless we win," which gives every client the attention to detail their case deserves.

If you ever need an attorney for your workers' compensation case, be sure to check out C&B Law Group. Initial consultations are also entirely free, so you have nothing to lose but have everything to gain. 

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