Learn about the things that you need to do after you get into a car crash

Sometimes, even after being careful, you may face a vehicle accident because you did not anticipate that suddenly a car from the opposite direction would emerge and the two vehicles would collide. Such an incident can take you a few seconds to recollect and compose yourself due to the shock. You may not understand in that situation what to do. But God forbids if something like that occurs, you should have some prior awareness of how to deal with such unfortunate circumstance. Here are a few easy tips that can prove useful during that time.

Steps to follow during a motor collision

  • You first need to check yourself and the co-passengers for injuries. In case you notice any physical damage, contact 911 for help.
  • If you and others (if any) are fine and the car is also in operational condition, then push it off the road to a safe place. Standing in a busy or active traffic lane can be dangerous for you and your car also.
  • Switch on all the hazard lights of your vehicle for clear visibility, and check on the other driver for injuries. Calling 911 is critical if the driver has sustained any physical harm.
  • Check the cars for damage and click some pictures.
  • Take a snapshot of insurance, car ownership, driving license and other such documents that you and other driver have.
  • You don’t have to inform police if combined damage to both the vehicles is below $2,000. However, in case the amount exceeds this, and the cars are operable, then you should drive to a police division.
  • Another essential thing is that you should notify your insurance company immediately. Otherwise, you may not get your claim.

However, it's critical to note that the situation can take an ugly turn if the accident involves a case of impaired or distracted driving. Both these are a criminal offence in Brampton. An example of inattentive driving can involve the use of a handheld device for talking, emailing, texting, or dialling while driving. The case of impaired driving refers to an incident where the driver is guilty of riding a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drug. If 100ml of blood contains a trace of more than 80 mg of alcohol, then it becomes an event of a criminal offence. The person who does not give a breath sample to the police when asked can also face a criminal charge.

Getting rid of these events cannot be easy or possible without the help of a qualified criminal lawyer. So, by chance you get yourself into any such situation, contact a trustworthy criminal lawyer Brampton immediately. An experienced lawyer knows how to deal with such cases and defend their clients. He can also guide you precisely what to do and what not to do to avoid further gravity in the matter.

Drunk driving is mainly a severe crime everywhere in Ontario, and can cause you high penalties. The state laws are strict, and hence, you have to treat them with equal seriousness. Only with the help of a lawyer, you can expect to save yourself from the severity of the consequences.

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