What to do to build a strong case against a hit and run accident?

Car accidents are common in the US and attract severe penalties for offenders across different regions, including Arizona. However, of the different types of cases of personal injury, hit and run accidents can be a little tricky to deal with because of the legal complications. Arizona alone reported more than 5,000 hit-and-run cases in 2017, of which 2,900 cases involved injuries, 64 fatalities, etc. Many also included claims of property damages. If you are a victim of a hit and run accident in Tucson, Arizona, you can qualify for compensation that covers your medical expenses, lost income, and the emotional and physical sufferings, etc. But for this, you would have to take care of a few things.

As per the state law, the drivers who are a part of a car accident that resulted in injury, damage or death should give their full contact details along with the registered car number. The driver should show his driving license to the victim. Also, he should help the injured people and call the police at 911. Failing to do any of these can cause the guilty to face misdemeanor or felony charges depending on the circumstances. Here are a few crucial points that can come in handy for you as a victim of hit and run case.

Things to do after the accident happens

Write down the details

If the driver has left the spot, it’s a criminal offense. But as a victim, you have to keep in mind the details to help the police to trace the whereabouts of the escaping driver. Recall the license plate number and the appearance of the car and its driver. Please note it down somewhere to avoid any confusion or clouding of thoughts. Also, written records will carry more weight in front of the police. So, when, where, and what time the accident occurred is critical to write down. Also, mention the traffic and weather conditions at that time.

Contact the police

Get in touch with the police as soon as possible and be straightforward when it comes to reporting the accident.

Collect evidence

Speak to the people who saw the accident and the car. You must take down their complete contact details so that your personal injury lawyer can reach out to them when required. Also, don’t forget to click pictures of the spot, the wrecked vehicle, and your injuries. It will be better if you can also capture the photo of the fleeing car.

Take medical help

Whether or not your injuries are minor, you should meet a doctor immediately and get the treatment done. Sometimes, accident symptoms take time to show up due to the shock that you went through in a hit and run case. Also, you would need proof of the injuries sustained from the accident to claim for compensation.

Once you take care of all these aspects, get in touch with a well-known Tucson accident injury attorney for assistance. The accident lawyer can help find the driver from the clues you provide. Also, there will be video surveillance of the location to arrest the absconding driver. As soon as the police and lawyer get the driver, you can submit an insurance claim against the other party to cover the damages you suffered. Just make sure you don’t speak to an insurance firm before taking advice from your attorney.

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